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About Us


If you live far away from your grandchildren, you don't get to see them grow up week to week.   Sure you come to visit but it's hard to be connected...we are all trying to be more than just a face time Grandparent.  How do you become more a part of their life?   

Well, we created Love From Afar Pen Pal to add another way to connect with grandchildren living far away.   We won't replace the phone or face time but we add another layer of connection through letter writing and the old fashioned pen pal model. 

Getting and sending mail is a lost art.  Love From Afar Pen Pal captures letter writing between generations adding a new and modern twist.   Our letters are designed to appeal to 2-5 year olds; exciting graphics combined with fun learning and facts.   The ease of sending and the graphics and learning make this a new and exciting transformation on the tried and true pen pal relationship.   Our 600 character memo section allows for ample personalization and a way to share your story.  

Our service is all about the letters BUT also about the phone calls in between the letters.  Grandparents using our service have told us how fun it is to talk about the letters.  What did you like?  Wasn't that fun!  Thank you for your worksheet back!   I put your worksheet up on my is a picture of it!  What letter should we send next?  The letter itself is the first touch point.  The goal is to create multiple touch points for the Grandparent that lives far away. Our hope is that our letter service is one of the things your Grandchildren remember into their older years;  all those fun letters that arrived from Grammy and Grandpa. 


Love From Afar Pen Pal letters can be purchased one at a time or by 4 pack.   As a 4 pack subscriber, Grandparents reply to a email reminder to choose a letter template and are given a discount code to use at check out because they've already paid for their letter.  They customize the letter adding their personal message and click send.  The Grandchild letter arrives via US mail; the envelope is covered with cute fun graphics on the outside.  A themed worksheet and stamped addressed envelope back to Grandma and Grandpa makes this easy on parents to facilitate.    Then 60 days later another email is sent to Grandma and Grandpa, they pick another letter theme on-line, click send and repeat.   If they want to send letters more frequently that is OK too.  That would be the case if there are multiple grandchildren and all the pen pal letters were sent in the same time period.   The four pack is our best value.  

Love From Afar Pen Pal was created by DJ Reed.  DJ is looking to help families connect.   With three grown children DJ and his wife remember what it was like having Grandparents living far away while all the grandchildren lived in Los Angeles.   Grammy and Super-pop lived in New York. Grammy Flave and Grandpa Alex lived in San Marcos CA and Nain and Taid lived in Palm Springs CA.  DJ hopes Love From Afar Pen Pal  becomes something wonderful for families living far apart.    Thank you for being part of the Love From Afar Pen Pal community.   Time is running out, if you can't connect now then when?