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Common Questions

If I buy a single letter how does it work?

If I buy a pen pal four pack how does it work?

What happens if I spend $39, buy a pen pal four pack and change my mind?

Can I use my Holiday 4 Pack and send letters to more than one Grandchild?

Can I send one letter to multiple Grandchildren living at the same address?

Why does it take 10 days for a letter to arrive? Why can't it be faster?

It has been more than 10 days since I sent my letter and it hasn't arrived in the mail! What do I do?

My worksheet back has not arrived yet? What can I do?

Can I suggest new letter themes?

Why only 600 characters for the memo section? Can I have more?

My Son lives with his mother in another city. Can I use this service with him?

I'd like to try your letter serivce but $12.99 for a single letter and $39.00 for a 4 pack is more than I want to spend for something I have not tried yet. Can I try the service once for free?

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