Military Moms and Dads-Use Discount Code "Trial Letter" and Your First Letter Is FREE! Thank You For Your Service!

They grow up so fast. Our cute pen pal service makes it easy & fun to say "I LOVE YOU"-send and receive letters.

The adult initiates their letter on-line and we send it via the US postal service.  Everything for the return letter back including worksheet & addressed stamped envelope is part of the service.  Pen Pal Circle Complete! 

Great Themes.  Fun Topics.  Ample room to personalize.  Something tactile and lasting.  A deep pen pal conversation.  We teach the time honored skills of writing and sending mail.  Perfect for Grandparents that live far away and want to connect.  Perfect for young readers 3-7 years old.  

How it works

Being a Pen Pal is as Easy as 1-2-3. Use discount code "trial letter" at check out for a free test drive.