Be a Pen Pal This Valentine's Day! Your first letter is on us.

I miss her!! When's Grandma going to write me again so I can send her a letter back?

Grandchildren grow up so fast. As an out of town grandparent how can I be more a part of their life? A cute Pen Pal service? Priceless!

You can use our pen pal letter service to easily send AND receive real letters with your grandchildren.  Your Grandchild will LOVE opening and reading our cute pre-themed letter with lots of pictures and fun facts.  We've created that fun special eye-catching letter that you can personalize and make your own.  Everything for the return letter back is also included-then you'll have something to put up on your fridge.   Your letters will say "I love you" and then act as conversation starters.  You can show up as the Grandmother you always wanted to be even if you live far away!  Perfect for young readers 3-7 years old (Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade). 

This is what making lasting memories looks like- first letter is free

Toothy grins!

Can't you see we are hard at work sending our worksheet letter back to Grandma!!   

No Pants!

SO excited to mail a letter back to Grandpa that Caden forgot to wear pants.  You can't make this stuff up! 

Shoes on the wrong feet!

So excited to mail his soccer letter back to Dad that he ran out with his shoes on the wrong feet!  LOL!  


My grandson was SOOOO excited to open mail addressed specifically to him.  Then he got to mail a letter back to me.  Everyone loves it.  A very cute and fun way to connect.

Grandma @ Los Angeles, CA

Love From Afar Pen Pal is a great conversation starter.  So fun to call my Granddaughters over the phone and talk about our pen pal letter.  Thank them for THEIR letter which I have up on my fridge.  For me, the phone call is the icing on the cake.   

Grandma @ Los Angeles, CA

This is teaching something that every young person should learn.  The lost art of writing and sending mail.  Great themes like dinosaurs, sports themes, orchestra, scientists, outer space.  Fun pictures and fun facts. 

Grandpa @ Oceanside, CA

How it works

Being a Pen Pal is as Easy as 1-2-3 AND your first letter is on us using discount code "trial letter" at check out. Go to our letter themes and pick out a letter. Valentines Day is just around the corner. Time is running out!