Holiday Discount Packages Available Now; Gift A Pen Pal Reltionship in 2019

Time Is Running Out. Be a Pen Pal With Someone You Love....

When grandchildren live far away from their grandparents, our pen pal letter service creates a special way to say "I love you".

We use modern technology and the US Postal Service to make it easy and fun for grandparents and grandchildren to send AND receive letters.  Our service teaches the time honored skills of writing and sending mail.  Our letters target the 2-5 year olds; the ages when opening and sending mail is a big deal.  Grandparents send their grandchild a 4 page pre-themed letter AND a self-addressed stamped envelope (back to grandma and grandpa) AND a coloring worksheet AND a 600 character memo section in each and every letter.   Everything for the grandchild to send a letter back is organized and included.  A priceless gift for BOTH grandparent and grandchildren.   

Being a Pen Pal is as Easy as 1-2-3

Sold as single letters or as multi-letter discount packs.  With a multi-letter discount pack grandparents are sent email reminders to go to our website to personalize a letter on line.  Every 60 days we send another email prompting them to send another fun letter.   We issue discount codes to zero out letter charges at check out.   Couldn't be easier or more simple.

This unique gift for both Grandparents and Grandchildren is probably something that neither will ever forget.  Our service works with multiple grandchildren at different addresses or a joint letter can be sent to multiple grandchildren living at the same address.  Take a peek at our current letter themes to see our fun pictures and graphics inherent in every letter.  

If now isn't the right time but maybe later?  Sign up below to be prompted and reminded for a mother's day or grandparent's day gift come 2019.   Gifting a pen pal relationship for birthdays is also popular.  Thank you for coming to visit.

Gift a Pen Pal Relationship for 2019

Gift A Letter Series

Real customers! Here's What The Magic Looks Like

Working on the Worksheet Back to Grandma

Color, draw, stickers work well too!   

Mailing His Letter Back to Grandpa

SO excited to mail a letter back to Grandpa that he  forgot to wear pants!  LOL! 

So excited to mail a letter!

So excited to mail his soccer letter back to Dad that he ran out with his shoes on the wrong feet!  LOL!  

How it works

Gift a Pen Pal Relationship for 2019

Gift A Letter Series